It is located on the plain which has the same name. It has a height of 815 metres over the sea. It preserves its medieval aspect with cobblestone streets and houses clustered around the church- fortress of St. Mary (century XI to XIV). The plain of Ujue goes North- South, from Izco to Murillo el Fruto. The precipitation that falls goes to the rivers Aragón and Cidacos, so the plain is a hydrographic border. It is 53 Km away from Pamplona and 20 from Tafalla. Some of the villages that are nearby are: San Martín de Unx, Beire, Pitillas, Santacara, Murillo el Fruto, Gallipienzo, Eslava y Lerga.


On the top of the village we can see St. Mary´s church (century XII- XIV), with beautiful galleries on the outside. Inside, we can see a wonderful gothic nave and a romanic head.

Other interesting monuments are:
• St. Miguel church,in ruins (century XIII)
• The hermitage of “La Blanca” (century XIII) reconstructed
• The Cross of the greeting (century XIV). It is at the entrance of the village, in a cross of roads.
• The town with its streets. It´s advisable to follow the signposted routes.


The first Sunday after St. Marc, at the end of April or beginning of May, we can enjoy the pilgrimage in which the pilgrims from nearby towns, dressed in black robes walk to Ujué. Each town follows its own customs.

In September we can enjoy the festival of the “Migas”, a typical food made with crumbs of bread. We can also find other typical products. In September too We have the festival of Ujué, dedicated to the Virgin.
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